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  • November 27, 2017
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There are three recent books I enjoy reading when it comes to more advanced CSS.

The first is CSS Mastery by Andy Budd and  Emil Björklund. The third edition was published in 2016.

Here is the Contents at a Glance for CSS Mastery, not including the introductory information like “about the authors” and acknowledgements:

■ Chapter 1: Setting the Foundations

■ Chapter 2: Getting Your Styles to Hit the Target

Chapter 3: Visual Formatting Model Overview

Chapter 4: Web Typography

Chapter 5: Beautiful Boxes

Chapter 6: Content Layout

Chapter 7: Page Layout and Grids

Chapter 8: Responsive Web Design & CSS

Chapter 9: Styling Forms and Data Tables

Chapter 10: Making It Move: Transforms, Transitions, and Animations

Chapter 11: Cutting-edge Visual Effects

Chapter 12: Code Quality and Workflow

The first and second editions were revolutionary and much loved on my shelves. Back in those days, advanced CSS books were more about hacks and tricks to make rounded corners and get around browser inconsistencies. Luckily that’s not quite as troublesome anymore. This book is very thorough and covers preprocessors, build tools, CSS naming schemes such as OOCSS, SMACSS and BEM, along with cutting edge effects with CSS shapes, clipping, and masking. It covers transforms, transitions, and keyframe animations, along with the visual formatting model, advanced selectors and in depth typography. All this plus the foundations you would expect. It is not meant for those completely new to CSS.

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