Web Brutalism

Recently I read about the new web brutalism trend in articles like this one on Medium. The author there writes “Web-brutalism emerged as a reaction, criticism and uprising to standardization”. While I agree many sites are too homogenized now, with the same horizontal navigation menu and grid based layout with hero image, I’m not sure brutalism is a good answer. I find too many layouts rely heavily on large graphics, but I’m not sure what a good alternative is, beyond using expressive typography and using more white space.

This list of trends to watch in 2018 has some interesting things mentioned. I agree that sticky elements and scroll triggered animations are becoming much more prevalent, adding interest to many pages. It also refers to responsive and particularly mobile design along with progressive web apps. Progressive web apps are such an interesting set of technologies – I really look forward to greater adoption. Microinteractions, especially in the form of animations, are interesting but are easily overdone. It’s enough to make me want to dip into the web designer’s idea book series to get some new ideas.

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