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Angular & Firebase Tutorial

I’m following the Angular 5 and Firebase tutorial found here Here are some things I notice as of today. I’m getting an error of “Cannot find namespace ‘firebase’”. Not sure why but downgrading firebase back to 4.8.0 from 4.8.1 fixes this. I’m also getting the error “BrowserslistError: Unknown browser major” and downgrading to Bootstrap@4.0.0-beta.2 instead of […]

Advanced CSS Books – CSS Mastery

  • November 27, 2017
  • CSS
  • erica

There are three recent books I enjoy reading when it comes to more advanced CSS. The first is CSS Mastery by Andy Budd and  Emil Björklund. The third edition was published in 2016.

Web Brutalism

Recently I read about the new web brutalism trend in articles like this one on Medium. The author there writes “Web-brutalism emerged as a reaction, criticism and uprising to standardization”. While I agree many sites are too homogenized now, with the same horizontal navigation menu and grid based layout with hero image, I’m not sure brutalism […]

Learning ASP.NET Core MVC Programming

Well I gave up on the last book because I couldn’t get past the errors from that missing file. I decided to try the book listed above instead. The one note to make so far is that in Startup.cs the editor wants to autocomplete to services.AddMvcCore in ConfigureServices, but this is incorrect. As per the […]

ASP.NET Core and Angular 2

I am following along with the book by the above title. Here are some notes as I get started. In project.json for dependencies be sure to add the following “Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore”: “1.0.0”, If no tasks for the gulpfile shown in Task Runner Explorer appear, using a command prompt go to the solution folder and use the […]

Modern React with Redux Course

A friend recommended this Modern React with Redux Course by Stephen Grider. This course is also very slow. I’m on lecture 33 and still slowly chugging along. The first project was a simple YouTube viewer that uses an existing Node library to call the YouTube API.

The Complete React Web App Developer Course

I’ve been watching The Complete React Web App Developer Course by Andrew Mead. It seems to be appropriate for those who have very little command line experience and goes quite slowly. Mead is clear and easy to understand though.